Increase your safety while using high-risk power tools

The PowerSafe Hand Guard is a simple innovative safety guard attachable to reciprocating saws and grinders to help shield against preventable accidents.


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The PowerSafe Hand Guard for Reciprocating Saws and 4-inch grinders

When a reciprocating blade binds or bounces while plunge cutting, the operator can easily loose control of the tool resulting in injury. The PowerSafe Hand Guard keeps your leading hand safely out of the cutting area so that when a complication does occur,  you are less likely to get hurt.

When there’s a chance to shield against preventable accidents, why not do it? Make your workplace safer and give your power tool users the confidence to get their job done without being in danger.  Pre-order your PowerSafe Hand Guard now!

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See what customers are saying!

Daniel Curescu
This is a good product and can save you.Thank you very much for power safe !
Wade SarkinenPrime Cut Construction
We use recip and grinders quite often and these are a simple and easy way to keep your hand safe. They fit comfortably in your hand and don't have to ...
John Grant
These are awesome. The way they keep your hands safe from the power tools after they kick back is perfect for safety. Gives me confidence is the fact the I ...
Rex Berry
This is amazing. Great solution to a problem. Everyone could use this and everyone should.
Richard Thereua
Amazing new product for the safety of our hard working construction workforce! I am blown away by the simplicity of a very smart product. Thank you Power Safe for making ...
David Knight
This has really been a great addition to my tools. Over the years I have done a lot of steel work, building boats, etc. and grinding is a big part ...
Jim Kangas
Powersafe is automatic protection, on the saw ready to go. Not only am I confident that my hands are shielded from the blade; my hands are also protected from cuts, ...
Guram Ilishayev
This product will make any job way easier and a lot safer... Its very easy to lose focus on safety precautions if you work with tools often, which is normal. ...
Just used the guard yesterday.... no slipping of the hand into the blade Super Great Hand n Finger saver!!!!!!!!!!!
JP Huhta Undergound LLc
The Powersafe feels great when operating and I enjoy the added safety for myself and employees.
A very innovative design that adds an element of safety! And it's easy to use and comfortable!
Bob Twin City Glass Co.
Nice and easy to use, protects from material hitting the hand and the hand from the blade when you get a "kick back". I hope to see more types for ...
Coles appliance repair inc. Tim Todd
We are using the power safe guards while cutting condenser coils out, the guard is stopping the transfer of oil to the saw making it much safer to use. Thank ...
Bruce Schlecht
Great product. We've all had close calls with our recip saws. This takes the risk out of the equation. Just takes seconds to install and doesn't inhibit performance. Highly recommend.
Nick Grenia, Arrowhead Construction
Very comfortable and all my guys love to use them and that is not something you hear all the time with safety tools. Add support and also protects your hands ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to install?

Yes! Installation is very simple. See the video to the left for a demonstration.

What is it made out of?

The PowerSafe Hand Guard is made of Flexible Rigid 30, providing comfort and safety

Is it ok to leave the Hand Guard on the tool?

Yes. The Hand Guard will conform around your tool and fit in the box your tool came with. It will even regain its original form when you take the tool out to use it again.

Can I use the Hand Guard with other power tools?

Although it was designed and intended for reciprocating saws, we have successfully tested the Hand Guard with other power tools as well. For example, it fits perfectly on most grinders . Click here to see an example of a 4-inch grinder with the PowerSafe Hand Guard.