Increase your safety while using high-risk power tools

The PowerSafe Hand Guard is a simple innovative safety guard attachable to reciprocating saws and grinders to help shield against preventable accidents.


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The PowerSafe Hand Guard for Reciprocating Saws and 4-inch grinders

When a reciprocating blade binds or bounces while plunge cutting, the operator can easily loose control of the tool resulting in injury. The PowerSafe Hand Guard keeps your leading hand safely out of the cutting area so that when a complication does occur,  you are less likely to get hurt.

When there’s a chance to shield against preventable accidents, why not do it? Make your workplace safer and give your power tool users the confidence to get their job done without being in danger.  Pre-order your PowerSafe Hand Guard now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to install?

Yes! Installation is very simple. See the video to the left for a demonstration.

What is it made out of?

The PowerSafe Hand Guard is made of Flexible Rigid 30, providing comfort and safety

Is it ok to leave the Hand Guard on the tool?

Yes. The Hand Guard will conform around your tool and fit in the box your tool came with. It will even regain its original form when you take the tool out to use it again.

Can I use the Hand Guard with other power tools?

Although it was designed and intended for reciprocating saws, we have successfully tested the Hand Guard with other power tools as well. For example, it fits perfectly on most grinders . Click here to see an example of a 4-inch grinder with the PowerSafe Hand Guard.